Fees & Costs

Your initial consultation is complimentary. I understand that each client has different needs and the fee structure is tailored to meet individual circumstances. You may or may not be charged certain fees depending on the structure of our agreement. Call me to set up a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your needs and specific fee structure in more detail.



Generally, the fee structure is:



1. Fee-based financial planning*: Fees are derived from a combination of your total income, your total assets and the number of objectives you have. There is a one-time fee for the initial plan. Yearly updates are available at a reduced fee.

2. Fee-based investment advisory services*: A fee is paid on "assets under management" expressed as a percentage. Fees will vary depending on the investment program selected - ranging from separately managed portfolios of stocks and bonds to no-load, load waived and institutional mutual funds, but they are always a percentage of assets under management.

3. Commission based fees: A commission will be paid to us by the company that you have chosen for the specific product (i.e. an insurance company will pay a commission on an insurance policy once it is issued).