Ideal Client Profile

At Owen Wealth and Retirement Strategies we focus in providing cutting edge retirement planning needs for medical professionals, business owners, corporate executives and other individuals concerned about retirement and wealth transfer.

By helping clients crystalize their goals and objectives from both a personal and professional perspective, we take responsibility in getting the plan done and getting clients to take action. The practice uses a client-centered planning process to provide customized financial planning and solutions.

Although we help a great variety of clients including single women and alternative families, the ideal client is over age 40 and married with at least one child. They typically own their home. Our clients have many of the following characteristics:

  • - High Integrity, respected by employees and the community
  • - Cares about their family legacy and maximizing assets
  • - Prioritized reducing taxes
  • - Respects long-term relationships
  • - Values professional advisor relationships
  • - Has a vision of the future for his/her business and personal life